Thursday, January 24, 2008

Photography Blues

So, I was messing around with the husband bought this fancy Nikon with all the bells and whistles, and after a few hours of running around the house trying to find suitable surfaces, and props, and lighting in which to shoot my projects, I realized: I really don't know what I'm doing. My web designer seconded that notion. Who would have thought that photography was such a technical endeavor? I mean, gawd. Anyway, I have decided to undertake a few courses so I can become conversant in this arena. In the past, I have used a professional, but, it's not always feasible, nor is she always available, not to mention I'm in Europe and she's in the US...which means I'm going to have to learn photoshop...(can you hear me groaning?)

Actually, all complaints aside, it is interesting to see the good shots come out right. When I'm posting some of my work, you'll see some good stuff and some bad stuff (photos, I mean!) I just get impatient, because in my mind I should be able to just take the picture and get on with my life and this process is so time consuming and it takes away from my design time...such is life as a jewelry designer.

But it is one of my New Year's resolutions, to become competent with the camera. Until then, bear with me ...

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