Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feeling Green

I just happened to come out of my normal, regular, everyday design fog today and realized that February is almost over. Where on earth does the time go?!? I have been in the process of finishing up with another mini-collection that I need to shoot and write copy for and post it to my website. Phew. It has been fun. Still not looking forward to the photography, though. I'll post a FAB-U-LOUS pair of earrings I just finished. I am soooo in love with these babies right now. I have a feeling these will sell like hotcakes. I hope you all love them as much as I do. They are made of Peruvian Opals, Emeralds and Turquoise. I don't know what it is about this particular stone that I continue to come back to (I'm talking about turquoise)...even when it is not "in season" or "on trend". It is such a warm, beautiful stone. Emeralds are my birthstone, so naturally, I gravitate towards them, too. Emerald holds alot of fire, I think. The Peruvuan Opals are just a nice, soft, pale blue with veins of brown and green and gold running through, they have so much character. But, if you put all three together, the combination is really very sophisticated. I inevitably end up with some turquoise in just about every collection I create.

I just get such a positive energy vibe from these stones, not to mention I just get lost in my work and forget what day it is. I'm running a big sale on my website, so stop by and check it out. I'll be leaving the sale items up for a few more weeks, before I pull them to make room for new stuff. After a while, it is just time to move on. Sometimes, after all the work of getting them up, I just get tired of looking at them and I have truly moved on to the next design in my head.