Saturday, September 8, 2007

Late but always worth the wait!

So, I am a complete zero when it comes to all things web. I never thought I'd ever bother with hosting a blogspot, but I have been so inspired by other designers and thier blogspots that I thought I'd just go for it...I mean, what the hell, right?

I have been away from the design world for a while, but, hold on to your hats because SiRA.O is back! Anyhow, I started my jewelry design company in early 2003 in Oakland, California...way back when the $#%^ hit the fan in the dotcom world. I lost my super paid job, had to figure out a way to pay the bills, and figured this was the perfect time to give in to the creative spirit that was about to just bust out.

Anyhow, I started making jewelry for myself and for family members for Christmas, since I couldn't afford to buy gifts that year. People were walking up to me on the street trying to buy my designs when it occurred to me that I might actually be on to something, duhhhhhhh.

Got plugged in pretty quick, and started hitting the San Francisco fashion circuit peddling my wares with much success. I never knew that owning my own business would be so much work. But I have to say that I am a designer at heart, and I don't have much interest in the business end of my business, it takes away too much of my "creative time". One day I do hope that I can pay someone to do the drudge work for me!!!

Ok. That was so 5 years ago. Skip to present. I have been on sort of a hiatus, well not really, but sort of. Had a couple of kids and took off to live in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Can you say, "One of the most beautiful places on this planet?" I mean, crystal clear, blue water and white sand beaches for hundreds of miles...let's not talk about Zanzibar, where I managed to go to "get away from it all" about twice a month. I was just bombarded with creative opportunities, and I managed to fill 2 sketchbooks with sketches from my inspirations and environment. I met crazy interesting people and learned to speak a little bit of Swahili. And good times were had by all. I did do some jewelry construction and filled a few orders while over there, but found it difficult to source quality materials and would think it would be relatively easy to do since we were just across the Indian Ocean from India, where almost all gemstones go to be cut. However, just before I left Tanzania, I did one really nice collection using local flavor that is on my website now at Check it out. I did the photoshoot there too. You'll see what I mean about serious visual inspiration.

Well, I am back stateside now and am re-establishing my business as web only for now, I don't have the time or energy to chase boutique accounts, fill crazy massive orders and do tradeshows. I think this web thing will be the perfect forum for me to do my creative thing without having to pander to the dictates of seasons and trends. But, check this out, I am about to take off to Amsterdam for 2 years. I expect this to have a pronounced effect on my designs. Stay tuned. I want to hear what you all think!

While I was in Zanzibar I met the most incredible goldsmith/artist...I mean the things this guy could do with metal, had a huge impact on me and my design world. I am going to be spending the next few years learning these techniques. I think it will be very interesting to see what comes up and out...I rarely have preconceived collections, but rather eruptions, and they do tend to work themselves out. Now I just have to figure out a way to finance this little project...I just know the equipment alone is gonna break the bank. Wish me luck...I'll be needing it!

For now, I am really into pearls. South Sea and Tahitian pearls to be precise. The big, baroque, perfectly imperfect pearls that make a statement. As soon as I can get some of these pieces shot, I'll post some photos. I'd like to get these up on the site as soon as I can in time for the holiday buying season. I wish I could just fill a tub and bathe in them, they are soooo delicious!


Holy Racehorse! said...

Thandie- nice blog- but I'd rather know why I haven't heard from you since-- ooooh, forever???
Can't find contact info for you anywhere. Christal says Hi. Go see my mom in Germany. Email me or call me or I am disowning you, woman!!! Tres (Jesse)
goforrags @
I don't hear from ya, I'm going to call your mom or Rod and then you'll be in TROUBLE

Anniegram said...

Update wanted. I love the earrings I bought a couple of years ago. I always get great comments on them.
Would love to know what you're up to now.